Saturday Morning Children’s Program

Admission is $5 or $3 for museum members.

Saturday, July 27th 11 am
Joyce Thompson-Hovey “Early Schools of the 1800s”
Come and learn through interactive programs what and how kids learned in school 150 years ago.

Saturday, August 17th 11 am
Joyce Thompson-Hovey “Civil War Pets & Mascots”
Come and learn about the animals that joined the soldiers of the Civil War, and were often given ranks and privledges.

Previous Saturday Morning Activities have included:
Pop-up Valentine’s Day Cards
DIY Snow Globes
Handmade Paper Ornaments
Cornhusk Dolls
Ghost Rockets
Homemade Drums and Dream catchers
Stained Glass Ornaments
Story time about the Erie Canal
Pioneer Journals
Tic-Tac-Toe Pouch
Covered Wagons
Fairy Gardens
Pioneer Games
Apple Plate Weaving
No Carve Jack-O-Lanterns