Java with Joe E.

 Join us at the museum the 4th Thursday of each month, 9-10:30am for coffee, pastries and lively conversation about historical and cultural characters and events. If you are interested in early morning coffee with figures like Joseph Ellicott, Emory Upton, Ely Parker, and others, please contact the museum at 585-343-4727 or email

Thank you to Pub Coffee Hub and Richard Beatty & RaeAnn Engler for sponsoring Java with Joe E. for 2024.

Next Event:

Thursday, May 23rd 9 am
Dr. Michael Eula, “Historic Chronicles of Genesee County”

Thursday, June 27th 9 am
Ryan Duffy, “Agrarian Opposition to the Holland Land Company”

More Dates to Come

Previous Topics:
Classical Guitar
Circuit Rider Devotions
Oak Orchard Lighthouse
Early Asylums on mental healing in WNY
Chauncey Olcott
Industry in Batavia
Tuberculosis Hospitals in WNY
Bergen Camp Meetings
Toxins in Historical Clothing
Darwin Martin House
Museum Architecture
World War I
Township Name Origins of Genesee County
Lincoln Assignation Conspiracy
Dutch Financiers of the Holland Land Company
Martin Luther King Jr and the Kennedy Assassinations
Waters of the Tonawanda Creek
Andrew Ellicott Genealogy
Public Presence and Secret Injustice: Women in Genesee County, New York, 1802 to the Present
Mary Elizabeth Wood
Erie County Poor Farm
Female Slaves & Poor Women in Genesee County
Seven Springs Country Club
Joseph Burke & Jenny Lind
Vietnam War Experiences
Local Genealogy
Antique Music Recording Devices
Henry Glowacki
Methodist Circuit Riders
Antique Maple Syrup Making
Darwin Martin House
Watson Bullock
Upton Sisters
Batavias of the United States
Shopping Malls of WNY
Superintendent John Kennedy
John C. Gardner
Victorian Era Mourning
1925 Solar Eclipse
Presidential Visits to Genesee County
19th Century Weddings
Philemon Tracy