Holland Land Office Museum Speakers Bureau

Is your group looking for an interesting and informative speaker to entertain your members and guests. Look no further than the Holland Land Office Museum. We can provide an exciting and entertaining presentation based on a large number of local history topics related to Genesee County and Western New York. Presentations normally last 45 minutes to one hour, but can be accomidate to your needs. Most presentations are done using PowerPoint or similar viusals, but technology requirements can be changed if needed. The HLOM Speakers Bureau does not provide its own projector or screen, hosts are expected to provide any technological equipment needed. If you are interested in a speaker from the Holland Land Office Museum, please contact the museum at 585-343-4727 or at hollandlandoffice@gmail.com. You can choose from the list below, or ask for another specific topic, and we will accomodate to the best of our abilities.

Listed below is are just some examples of presentations that can be done. More are being added on a regular basis.

Upton & The Days of Challenge: A Soldier & Influential Thinker For His Time.
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 50 minutes)- Don Burkel

Emory Upton:  Days of Reform In The Post War Years.
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 50 minutes)- Don Burkel

The Angel & The Warrior: Emily & Emory Upton’s Love Story.
(PowerPoint Program & Readings from Their Letters & Diaries,  Approx. 50 Minutes)- Don & Sharon Burkel

The Upton Family Girls: Inspiration for Women of Their Time.
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 50 minutes)- Don Burkel

The Holland Land Company & the Development of WNY
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 45 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
The history of the land of Western New York is cobbled together through many purchases and development groups, the Holland Land Company being the most profound. Its desire to sell the land west of the Genesee River, created the foundations of the area to this day.

Joseph Ellicott’s Ghost: The Holland Land Company’s Lasting Impact

(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 45 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
The Holland Land Company’s contributions to the history and development of Western New York can still be felt in many ways even today. The names of many locations can be traced back to the land company, as well as the development of the counties of the area, roads, and towns and cities have their origins with Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company.

The Linden Murders: Genesee County’s Most Infamous Unsolved Crime

(Approx. 60 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
The crimes known as the Linden Murders still to this day captivate the residents of Genesee County, and continue to raise the question of whom could do such dastardly deeds in that rural little hamlet from 1917-1924.

The Men With the Money: The Dutch Investors of the Holland Land Company
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 30 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
The name Holland Land Company comes from the nation in which the investors lived. The Dutch banking families that made up the HLC were well versed in the changing of money, but not necessarily how to develop land. They were the men behind the scenes who hired men like Joseph Ellicott to make their venture profitable.

Eli Fish: Genesee County’s First Brewer
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 30 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
Eli Fish, the first brewer in Batavia and Genesee County, was a pioneer in the industry in the area. His legacy is carried on in the name of the Eli Fish Brewing Company today in Batavia.

At the End of a Rope: Genesee County’s Hangings
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 45 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
There were seven hangings in the history of Genesee County from 1807-1881. They were all conducted on the county gibbet. The lives and deaths of these murders are much deeper than they appear.

Over Here to Over There: Genesee County in World War I
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 45 minutes)- Ryan Duffy
Though the United States was not involved directly in World War I for very long, many communities gave so much on the battlefield and to the war effort at home. Genesee County was no exception, with dozens of soldiers dying, and hundreds enlisting.

Nineteenth Century Weddings
(PowerPoint Program/Without PowerPoint, Approx. 45 minutes)- Tyler Angora
Wedding fashions and traditions have grown in just over a century, and the way we look at weddings during the 19th century compared to today has changed drastically.

Victorian Mourning
(PowerPoint Program/Without PowerPoint, Approx. 45 minutes)- Tyler Angora
Death culture and mourning attire exploded during the Victorian era and created a polarizing view of death.

Decades of Decadent Fashion
(PowerPoint Program, Approx. 45 minutes)- Tyler Angora
Through the decades of the 19th century to the mid-20th century fashion evolved and created its mark on timelines with silhouettes, adornments, colors, and patterns.


Some of our other topics include:
Richmond Family
Henry Glowacki
8th NY Heavy Artillery
Charles Rand & Genesee County Civil War Medal of Honor Winners
E.N. Rowell
Batavia Cemetery
Ely Parker
Land Office War
War of 1812 in Genesee County
Great Survey
Mastodon Fossils & Archeological Digs