Artifact Video Series

Be sure to check out the artifact video series presented on various artifacts and subjects that are featured in the museum’s collection. These will be posted on a regular basis for you to learn more about the items on display while the museum is closed. When we can reopen you’ll will have a jump start on you knowledge and then come and see the artifacts in person.
Genesee County Gibbet
General Emory Upton
Captain Charles Rand
Rear Admiral Ralph Chandler
The Mystery of William Morgan
Joseph Ellicott
Robert Morris
Mastodon Bones
Attack on the Holland Land Office
Major Henry Glowacki
Dean & Mary Richmond
The Linden Murders
Wiard Plow Company
E.N. Rowell
Noah North
Morganville Pottery
Baker Gun Company
Ely S. Parker
Red Jacket
Theophilus Cazenove
Paolo Busti
Phelps-Gorham Purchase
Hotel Richmond
Abraham Lincoln & Genesee County
Batavia & the War of 1812
Edward York
C.L. Carr Department Store
Mrs. Bryan’s Seminary
Buffalo Cut Glass Company
Treaty of Big Tree
Andrew Ellicott
Benjamin Ellicott
Civil War Veterans Groups
David Ellicott Evans
Portrait of Charles Willis
Engine 999
Barber Conable
Greta Patterson
Johnston Harvester Company
8th New York Heavy Artillery
Monica Dailey
Edna Gruber
Eli Fish Brewing
Sullivan Expedition
John C. Gardner
John Kennedy
Buying Land Process
Dr. Parker & Sons
Baseball in Batavia
HLOM Cannons
Trial of Polly Frisch
Oak Orchard Acid Springs
K.B. Mathes Shell & Novelty Company
Richmond Mansion
Lt. Donald Judd
Richard W. Ware
Darien Post Office
Civil War Field Desk
The Flying Allens
White Family Grandfather Clock
Holland Land Company Investors
Eber Russell Iroquois Nations Map
J.W. Holmes
Batavia Arsenal
Genesee & Adria Automobile Companies
Letitia & Rachel Ellicott
Andersonville Prison
Genesee County in World War One
Batavia Trolley
Ellicott Mansion
George Rupprecht Sword
Walter Bond & Gerald Tiede
JJ Newberry’s Department Store