Holland Purchase Historical Society: Board of Directors

The Holland Purchase Historical Society is run by a membership-approved Board of Directors.  The Holland Purchase Historical Society maintains and preserves all of the artifacts within the Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia, New York, organizes cultural, historical, educational, and entertaining programming, and promotes the importance of local history.

We also encourage our membership to consider becoming a Board Member, joining one of our many active committees, or volunteering to support the Holland Land Office Museum.

The Holland Purchase Historical Society
2019 Board of Directors
Don Burkel, President
Patrick Weissend, Vice President

Patrick Forsyth, Treasurer
Keith Boeheim, Secretary
Anthony Condello
Dan Fischer
Jeffrey Gillard
Krysia Mager
David Metzler
Pamela Meyer
Thomas Tiefel

Board Member Emeritus
Don Read
Anne Marie Starowitz

Strategic Plan 2018
Strategic Plan HLOM.pdf